biggest fan. Yes, their clothing is fantastic,white timberland boots for women

Let’s face it: I’ve been called everything from a footwear fanatic to a shoe sensation, just depending on the audience. I have an entire closet filled with shoes of every name brand and style, but the ones that get the extra special attention in their own storage boxes and shelves are my BCBG shoes. There has yet to be a BCBG shoe that hasn’t attracted my attention (or my credit card), so it’s no wonder that I consider myself BCBG’s biggest fan. Yes, their clothing is fantastic,white timberland boots for women,but their footwear is truly divine. Consider this my own sonnet to BCBG shoes as I count the ways in which I give them my undivided love: Reason #1: The Style. BCBG shoes have Style with a capital “S.” From summer’s strappy sandals to winters chunky boots, BCBG makes them all in every imaginable look. I love the fresh, trendy style of BCBG because it walks the fine line between stylish trendsetter and classic diva. These shoes are not yesterday’s news and will certainly not leave you to be timberland classic boots,disappointed by the next season’s about face in the style market. Although this is not a fact that I like to advertise (what girl doesn’t want to keep up the appearance of completing changing their wardrobe each season), I have three pairs of BCBG shoes that have lasted me longer than I would like to admit. They are my eternal favorites and I have received more complements on each pair during each season than I can remember. Reason #2: The Fit. I’m convinced that shoes are like men. Some are gorgeous head turners that look like a million bucks but will treat you horribly while others are the complete package.


Think of BCBG shoes like your prince charming. They can woo any girl off her feet, but leave her tootsies feeling fantastic timberland outlet online uk,without the typical pinching and pain associated with high fashion shoes. In addition to have an actual sole (and a soul, but that’s a different story completely), BCBG shoes include padding and comfort features that are simply unheard of in other stylish brands of shoes. Reason #3: The Price. Although it took me a couple of years to realize my parent’s were right about money not growing on trees, I’m becoming of the budget minded. When it comes down to the choice between eating for the next month or buying that killer design mini dress, I choose to eat (well, at least most of the time), so BCBG shoes are still well within my means. That does not mean they are cheap by any leap of the imagination, because Mom did say “you get what you pay for,” but they’re a far cry from those budget busting stilettos sold by Other designer brands. Reason #4: The Choices. Okay, so this one is in my love/hate list, but BCBG has yet to offer a shoe that hasn’t made me drool black timberland boots for men,(which is the reason why I bring a crisply starched hankie with me while shoe shopping). Each season produces several options that are gorgeous and beautiful and will make you completely envious of anyone who has enough cash to plunk down on the entire collection. Usually the “something for everyone” line is hugely cliché and generally associated with ugly things that people are trying to make marketable, but in this case, it’s true! Go ahead, try not to fall in love with these shoes…I dare you! I could keep waxing poetic about BCBG shoes all day, but I find myself getting the urge to shop. In all seriousness, these shoes have the whole kit and caboodle wrapped up in a gorgeous package (plus they’re boxes don’t look all that bad either).timberland roll top boots,ALANS2016.10.27


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