was created especially to show off the foot,white timberland boots for men

They’ve been around since 1913, when Walter Martiny first began making rubber-soled shoes with the Superga logo, but the comfortable sneaker-styled shoe is making a huge splash this season. The fashionable Superga has been featured in such diverse magazines as Men’s Vogue, Oprah, Pregnancy Fit, Tennis and Teen Magazine. What is it that makes this little Italian import so appealing to such a wide market? Insiders say that it is all about style and comfort. When Martiny retooled his factory after World War I to produce the Superga classic 2750 Heritage style, a fashion icon was born. The low-cut ankles and slim design was created especially to show off the foot,white timberland boots for men,and was meant to be worn without socks. Originally made in leather, Superga now makes styles in canvas and a wide variety of other materials. Europeans who came of age during the 70s fondly recall their Superga shoes in much the same way U.S. Boomers recall their first pair of Converse or Keds. In recent years, the company has focused on encouraging the 2750 and other styles as the choice of the fun and fashionable, releasing limited edition styles in bright canvas prints and designs for not-so-serious collectors. One of this year’s big hits, for instance, is the Superga Milano, with cotton canvas uppers inset with glittering Swarovski crystals. For those with a less flashy sense of style, Superga offers classic styles in canvas and leather in a number of colors, prints and styles. These are just a few of the hot Superga People’s Shoe of Italy styles that have captured the eye of press and celebrities all over the world. Superga Firenze The Firenze is sneaker-styled with fully breathable leather uppers, gum rubber outsoles and cushioned insoles that promise comfort.mens timberland boat shoes,The blunt rounded toe box is a throwback to classic industrial shoe styling, but the low cut ankle is designed to be worn without socks. Available in a variety of colors including black (with black soles) and chestnut (with white outsoles), the Firenze comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. It is the perfect casual work shoe. Superga Torino The fashion-first current flagship of the Superga canvas shoe line, the Torino is named for the Italian city in which the company is headquartered. Torino, Italy recently hosted the Winter Olympics. As for the shoes, the unlined cotton uppers are lightweight and breathable, and the fully cushioned insole makes for incomparable comfort. What makes the Torino so popular, though, is the no-nonsense style and the enormous variety of colors in which the shoe comes. Women can buy the Torino in basic black or white, or choose trendy options like sky blue, dusty rose, camel or navy. Men’s Torinos are available in black, white and navy. white timberland boots for men, The company is famous for adding limited edition colors to their classic styles. Superga Portofino Superga’s most popular limited editions are usually named after Italian cities, and the Portofino is no exception. A cut above the usual cotton duck canvas line, the Portofino features slightly higher cut at the ankle, and the luxurious comfort of cotton linen canvas uppers. Like all Superga shoes, the Portofino for women features gum rubber outsoles and cushioned insoles for comfort and flexibility.


The shoe is designed to show off your feet, with a rounded toe box and high-rise outsole, and comes in some of the most sought-after fashion neutrals and accent colors of the season, including Sand, Sky Blue and Camel. Superga Venezia Brand new in the Superga line, the Venezia is available in two high fashion colors. The 100% cotton uppers are not only breathable, they’re machine washable, so you can just toss your favorite shoes right into the washing machine.2016 Men Timberland 6 Inch Boots,The Venezia is a limited edition Superga, with gum rubber outsoles and fully cushioned insoles to provide your feet proper support. Superga Roma Roma, the city of Romance and all things Italian, lends its name to the other limited special edition from Superga – the Superga Women’s Roma. Stylish enough to be featured in Teen Vogue and commented upon by blogging fashionistas all over the web, the Roma is quintessentially Italian and trendy. 100% cotton uppers are 100% breathable to keep your feet comfortable and cool, even when you’re pounding the pavement for hours, and the gum rubber outsoles and cushioned insoles pamper your feet with delicious comfort. Available in black and white aptly named ‘Ice’, these are the most popular shoes on the fashion horizon this summer. timberland boots black, ALANS2016.10.28


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