This is the new category for Timberland

This is the new category for Timberland Performance and the company has entered with a bang. Fitness and adventure trekking are quickly replacing the walking routine of the old mall. Fitness walkers have discovered the beauty of being off-road and take to the forest for their workout routines. Here they discovered that white athletic shoes do not provide the traction, support and durability that this new sport requires, and Timberland has responded to this need with revolutionary advances in hiking shoes.where can i buy timberland boots,

The Fitness Trekking series is the ultimate shoe for the serious walker looking for outdoor fitness. The most important features are: asymmetrical collars for support and protection of the medial side of the foot; Exclusive Combination Combination combines the flexibility of the forefoot with medial and lateral stability; Full grain leather tops offer superior greater integrity and wear and are fallen for comfort; Advanced bow system provides bow support and reduces foot stress and fatigue; Insoles made of polyurethane exclusively with rubber soles are light and long; timberland boots, The motion efficiency system offers improved traction and flexibility; And an exaggerated medial to lateral lacing system secures the foot while eliminating the “lace bite” across the top of the foot.

The Adventure Trekker series was designed and built in response to growing consumer demand for versatile and stylish footwear that has the integrity of a lightweight backpack without the stigma of traditional footwear. These are versatile, go everywhere footgear that combine the integrity of hiking boots with day comfort and classic style. As for the fitness trekking series, adventure hikers offer the ultimate combination of forefoot flexibility, back support and shock reduction to travel more miles with less stress for the foot timberland chukka boots women,

Included in the adventure trekking series are the Adventure Trekker Mid and Low; Adventure Trekker SS Low; And the Adventure Trekker Low. Among the many important features of this collection are: Advanced Combination Construction for forefoot flexibility with medial and lateral stability; timberland uk,Waterproof and / or smooth full grain leather and ACTT-Zone moisture management; Advanced Arch System for arch support and foot stress reduction, exclusively designed polyurethane insoles with rubber soles are lightweight and long; B.S.F.P. The motion efficiency system offers improved traction and flexibility.

The Adventure Trekker Mid and Low are available for men in sizes 7-12, 13 for a suggested retail price of $ 165 and $ 160 respectively. The Adventure Trekker SS Low and the Adventure Trekker Low are available for men of sizes 7-12, 13 for a suggested retail price of $ 130 and $ 110 respectively.

Field and Sport

This area focuses on outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy prolonged stays in some of the extreme outdoor conditions.

Otherwise known as the technical field, this program is home for Timberland sport and winter boots, designed to protect against extreme cold during prolonged winter wear challenges. For the fall of 97, Timberland has completely redesigned and improved the collection with 4 new introductions built with all the expertise that Timberland brings to this category.

New for Autumn 97 are: The Glacier Galoot II; The Pro Guide II 10 “and 8”; And the 6th Super Field Boot..timberland boots for men,

The Galoot II Glacier Boot is an evolution of the highly successful Galoot, developed and designed with the vast expertise of Iditarod sled dogs on the tundra of Alaska. The Galoot II Glacier Boot was designed to protect, support, provide warmth and comfort during the most extreme winter challenges. It is ideal for use throughout the winter. Waterproof full grain leather upper combined with 1000-denier Cordura nylon panels; A seam-tight seam, a 3/8 “wool felt liner and a non-slip rubber outsole are just some of the features of the indestructible shoe.

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